Seed to Sale Software Suite

User friendly, inventory tracking and management, secure, paper­less, and compliant cannabis business
Dispensary Software and Dispensary PoS
Build your operations through our seed to sale tracking software
Grow House Software Management

Easily select icons indicating current phase of plant growth from a Bird’s Eye view of your customizable grow house. Smooth drag & drop features allow Administrators to modify facility layout and inventory location.

Dispensary Point of Sale

Your Point of Sale (POS) system is always available to you. Lost your internet? No problem, your products are always available online and in-house sales are still operational.
Upload product menus instantly to Weedmaps & Leafly or elsewhere.
Your complimentary website allows your customers to register, get verified and place online orders. Our cashless payment system allows for safe and secure purchases.

Delivery Management

Manage your product deliveries through our app based Track & Trace system, which validates all order deliveries and financial transactions. Assign deliveries to available drivers, Receive instant push notifications of driver assignment, route assignment, order delivery, off course and late delivery.

Website Builder

Use your creativity to easily build your own ".com" responsive website, with any of the many available accessories. Your new user-friendly website will be compatible with all major browsers and mobile devices. Add your logo, contact information, operating hours, reviews, blogs, social networks, menu items, coupons and other special offers. Instantly push your new website content to your social networks. Now your customers can easily visit you online!

Product Inventory and Allocation

Seed Banks, Growing Facilities, Concentrate Processors and Dispensaries will appreciate the robust Inventory Management module, which enables the User to view and enter data related to the storing of vendor inventory at the vendor site. The User will receive products, issue products to different orders and waster product as necessary. The Allocation/Forecasting module enables Users to do order forecasts by allocating inventory available and to forecast additional inventory needed. Other inventory and sales metrics are available and automatically updated in your POS inventory.

Inventory Management

Your inventory is built automatically as you scan and receive product, process that product and prepare for product transportation. Add data associated with your product moves with your product, such as testing certifications, chain or custody records, transportation manifests and much more.
You can further customize your inventory records with vendor, customer, pricing, tax category data and much more. Electronic receipt of orders and sales transactions instantly adjust your inventory for you.
Inventory audits are quick, financials are trackable and reporting to your State Agency is simple and fully compliant.

Loyalty Program

Built lasting customer relationships through your own Loyalty Program, providing POS discounts, issuance and redemption of loyalty points through your POS system.

Report Management

Your custom dashboard provides you complete oversight and reporting of your business, displaying inventory totals, sales totals and other financial metrics on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis. We’ve built your State reporting requirements into our reporting system for you. Rest assured as our automated and standardized reports fully comply with your State laws. You’re even prompted when reports are due. Electronically sign your reports and upload instantly to your State regulatory agency.

Staff Management

Customize employees’ functional use of your software and their employment status. Rely on access security through the use of employee login IDs, passwords and PIN numbers. Monitor employee work history audit trail.

Leaf Management

Our proprietary leaf management system provides for easy tagging of your products, allowing for transparency and compliance in your everyday operations

Consumables Manufacturer Management

Stay compliant and register your product recipes with the State through the Consumables Manufacturer module. Build easy to follow automated manufacturing methods for your employees, with automatic record keeping and product tracking.